It is ironic that the last day of the slice of life challenge ends on a Friday! It is a double win feeling.  Well, I can say that I completed the challenge of writing every day and also learned a lesson or two along the way.

What I Learned from the Slice of Life Challenge

  • I need to think ahead of what I want to slice about
  • Be observant of my daily life to find things to write about
  • Just like some of my students, I struggled with writer’s block!
  • My slices were not by best writing and felt like I had my guard up
  • I need to pick a different time to write my slice-  before bed was not the best time for me
  • Sometimes I had ideas but didn’t feel they were jazzy enough to slice about
  • I sometimes struggled with how to begin each slice

As I reflect over my experience, I am glad I participated in this challenge as I learned a lot about myself as a writer and enjoyed reading the other blogs.  I would do the challenge again and perhaps may write a slice or two in the Tuesday’s slice.

Thanks for the opportunity!