Collaborating with Colleagues

I spent the day today with some pretty awesome colleagues.  We have been meeting together throughout the year to work on language arts curriculum and assessments.  One of our coworkers always hosts at her school and spoils us with an inviting environment,  tasty treats, and feel good compliments. I enjoy working with these ladies because it gives an opportunity to catch up, vent, exchange ideas, brainstorm, and laugh.  It does get stressful at times as we try to create assessments to match with standards and standards to align with report cards.  At the end of the day our heads are spinning and minds exhausted but know our day was well spent collaborating together.


4 thoughts on “Collaborating with Colleagues

  1. failingreatly says:

    I envy the calm, positive description you have written about collaboration in your district. Our curriculum meetings do not leave me with the same feeling. You’re very fortunate!


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