Favorite Time of Year

After a fourteen hour car ride, we arrived to our destination! Our annual summer retreat in Maine.  As we drove down the dirt road, I could see glimpses of the sun setting as it glowed through the trees and glistened on the river.  It was high tide and the water looked so inviting.  What a beautiful site of the late evening sun radiating on the river and on our summer abode, or “camp” as the New Englanders call it.  Our golden retriever, Gracie, was just as excited as she paced back and forth in the back seat whimpering her sighs of anticipation. The long car ride did me in.  I am not the best copilot so I was anxious to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and begin our two weeks of bliss and relaxation.  Two weeks of lazy afternoons, kayak rides down the river, day trips exploring the coast, lobster dinners, and friendship gatherings.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.



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