A Friendship Tradition

I recently heard from a dear friend of mine and it reminded me of a special tradition we share together.  Instead of exchanging gifts at the holidays, we exchange a friendship journal.  This journal is a collection of the year’s highs and lows from our lives.  One of us keeps the journal for a year and then gifts it to the other the following holiday.  We have been alternating the journal back and forth now for over a decade. Actually, we are on the second one! She and her family live in Utah so it is a great way for us to keep in touch. I also enjoy reading the entries and reflecting over the years.

Every summer, we still venture back to our hometown to visit with our parents (her mom and my mom are good friends too!)and meet up in person but sometimes our travel plans don’t coincide which is a bummer. This past Christmas was special though because we happen to be home for the holidays and exchanged the journals in person. The journals are now in her hands so I will have to wait but it will be well worth the wait!


6 thoughts on “A Friendship Tradition

  1. I love that you use paper and pen to record your thoughts to share. I fear this will be lost as the next generation relies so on computer technology. They may never know how a handwritten love letter can touch your heart every time you read it!


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