Motivational Monday

I listen to a talk radio show on my way home from work.  Well, if I leave early enough I can listen to the broadcast.  Anyways, today’s theme was motivational Monday.  As listener’s called in expressing their motives, it made me think about my own.  What is motivating me this week? What did I not accomplish the last week? or this weekend? How can I be a better person? What can I do this week that will make me feel content?

As I drove home, on a slow and snowy commute, I reflected on my own personal goals and short comings.  My first thought filtered toward work.  I want to stay ahead of the game this week by finishing report cards so I can mentally focus on conferences.  Another motive is to continue making good healthy eating choices (I blame my husband on this one actually I know it was my own weakness!. I succumbed to being in the moment this weekend). I want to make good choices because I feel better.  My last thought is to get more sleep.  I have a difficult time sleeping and it really takes a toll on me mentally and physically.  I am going to try to go to bed earlier than normal with the hopes of getting a good night sleep.

In any event, today’s broadcast made me reflect on myself and my goals for the week and ask myself what is motivating me.

What is motivating you this Monday?


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. I was motivated to help our team get through some important meetings so that they can make good decisions for kids for next year. I might not be able to help them for too much longer, so I wanted to have them in a good place today.


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