The Change of Time

Turning back the clock makes me excited.  What a difference one hour can make to the psyche.  Although I hate to lose an hour of sleep-actually, that doesn’t really matter because I don’t sleep anyway-I will gladly accept an extra hour of daylight in return.  The longer hour of daylight puts a spring in my step and smile on my face as I anticipate the arrival of spring.  Being from the midwest, the reality is I know that old man winter is far from leaving us.  Cold days and snow fall will still make their way for a while.  Some how it all seems more tolerable as I know the winter weather won’t last- this too shall pass as the saying goes.  Turning back time gives me a surge of energy to get more accomplished, take that extra long walk, and start making my spring to do list!




3 thoughts on “The Change of Time

  1. Here in Malaysia, we do not change clocks- we are too close to the equator for it to matter. I love that the US has changed clocks because now my East coast family is an even 12 hours different from me (easier to figure out than 13). From my time living in places that did change clocks I was always amazed how long it took my body to adjust to the new time.


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