Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday!

Every Friday my students and I celebrate Feel Good Friday! This tradition began one Friday morning when one of my students walked into class singing a catchy tune.  It immediatley put me and the rest of students in a good mood.  I talk it up by saying, If we work hard all week, we can celebrate Feel Food Friday!  We often play a popular tune and the kids just dance away.  I have a few reluctant participates but notice them slowly making their way swaying back and forth. It is cute because when the kids walk in on Friday at least one of them will say, “It’s feel good Friday, Mrs. D!”

So we made it through another week….what is making you feel good this Friday?



2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. What a fun tradition. We try to have free choice Friday as often as possible in our class, when the students can read or write what they want, regardless of the unit we are working on. It is great fun!


  2. My son turned 14 Saturday. He is having friends over today to celebrate and we got a special cake. This is his first party since we moved here five years ago. I’m so happy for him 🙂


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