Unexpected Visitor

It was well into the evening, dinner was done and I was getting ready to settle in and do some school work when I heard the chime from the doorbell and the knock at the door.  I immediately froze as I sat on the couch.   Who would be coming over to visit at this time of day?   I checked my phone, no text and the landline did not ring.  Normally, I would not be so nervous but I was home alone as my husband has been working out of town and my thoughts immediately went into panic mode.  Someone is watching me, someone knows I am alone. What do I do?  Then the buzz from my phone went off.  I got a text. It was my next door neighbor.  He asked if he could come over to chat. Strange I thought.  We have a good relationship with all of our neighbors but to come over unexpectedly was unusual.

As it turns out, he came over to tell me that his significant other of eleven years left him and he was beside himself.  Not only did he want to let us know  but I think he was in need of someone to talk to about the situation. I can only imagine the hearthache he is experiencing and I could feel his pain.  I have heard it said before but it resonates again in my mind that you never know what other people are going through.  Every one is dealing with some thing.

So the unexpected visitor turned out to be a friend in need and I am glad I has here to be a friend.



8 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitor

  1. Your leading paragraph caught me right away, and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. Isn’t it funny how rare it is for someone to come to our door unexpected these days. I’m sure your neighbor was glad to have someone to talk to this evening.


  2. Isn’t if funny how in today’s day and age we panic when we hear the doorbell and, before, we used to run to answer it? It’s terrible what your neighbor is going through, but he choose you of all people to reach out too. That’s quite a compliment. Thanks for the reminder that we don’t know what is going on with everyone, and maybe we need to always be ready to lend an ear. Great Slice!


  3. Anna Helsby Furniss says:

    Your first paragraph so perfectly paints your mild panic – I relate to that feeling entirely! I hate being alone in the house, but the worrying is almost always unnecessary. Your neighbor must have been very relieved to have a listening ear, I am glad you were there to hear him.


  4. Oh, how nice that you could be there for him. I am sure it was not what you were expecting but glad he felt he could talk to you! To have friends like this you can go to is so important, even if it is not a friend you would have expected.


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