On Demand vs Process

My students recently completed writing informational research reports.  This month long process of implementing the mini lessons taught in class were evident in most of the students’ writing and over all, they did a fairly good job.  However, when it came to the on demand piece of writing I was so disappoint in the results.  I felt like the kids rushed through their work and were vague with the elaboration of details.  The structure was there but I just felt the quality of the work didn’t meet the expectations.

I am just wondering how to help students be more successful with on demand writing.  In class, we compared the similarites/ differences between the two, shared student samples, and checklist but feel that might not be enough.


One thought on “On Demand vs Process

  1. Such a relevant slice for me as I am about to assess my students’ on demand piece for our opinion writing unit. I know that there will be students who did not show what they could have, but I know that they all worked their socks off on that day. I took pictures of them working- busily consulting charts and bookmarks. I resign myself to the realization that they are approximating opinion writing, but I know I will feel a sense of failure too. I would love to hear how you continue with this struggle.


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