Writer’s Block

I arrived home from work later that planned and was exhausted.  The thought of making dinner and tomorrow’s lunch was a daunting chore.  When I finally sat down to grade some papers, I realized that I had not written a post for the blog! Ugh! So here I am and my mind feels numb as nothing is resonanting within me.  I suppose I am experiencing something similiar to what some of the writers in my class feel at times…writer’s block! I need to pull out my list of strategies from my invisible backpack and be more observant of my daily life so I am more prepared to post! Until tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. It’s so good to gain empathy for other writers. Hoping the weekend will afford you some time to make a list of ideas and time to do some noticing. Your slice was one everyone can connect to.


  2. Unfortunately, I know that feeling all too well! It is 4:40 on Friday afternoon here and after a long week I am struggling to think what to slice about for my day 3…You showed up and wrote and even though it was not what you wanted, you did that part! Good for you- you are building a habit.


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