It is ironic that the last day of the slice of life challenge ends on a Friday! It is a double win feeling.  Well, I can say that I completed the challenge of writing every day and also learned a lesson or two along the way.

What I Learned from the Slice of Life Challenge

  • I need to think ahead of what I want to slice about
  • Be observant of my daily life to find things to write about
  • Just like some of my students, I struggled with writer’s block!
  • My slices were not by best writing and felt like I had my guard up
  • I need to pick a different time to write my slice-  before bed was not the best time for me
  • Sometimes I had ideas but didn’t feel they were jazzy enough to slice about
  • I sometimes struggled with how to begin each slice

As I reflect over my experience, I am glad I participated in this challenge as I learned a lot about myself as a writer and enjoyed reading the other blogs.  I would do the challenge again and perhaps may write a slice or two in the Tuesday’s slice.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Collaborating with Colleagues

I spent the day today with some pretty awesome colleagues.  We have been meeting together throughout the year to work on language arts curriculum and assessments.  One of our coworkers always hosts at her school and spoils us with an inviting environment,  tasty treats, and feel good compliments. I enjoy working with these ladies because it gives an opportunity to catch up, vent, exchange ideas, brainstorm, and laugh.  It does get stressful at times as we try to create assessments to match with standards and standards to align with report cards.  At the end of the day our heads are spinning and minds exhausted but know our day was well spent collaborating together.

Summer List

Top 10 Things to Do This Summer

Watch a sunset

Bike the Petoskey trail


Eat lobster

Read books


Plan outing with niece and nephews

Play tennis

Pick raspberries and make a pie

Swim in Lake Michigan



Walking Clears My Mind

As I left work today, the sun broke through the clouds and warmed the air.   I walked through the door and began to make my mental list of all the things I should do but not really motivated to do.  A long walk in the late afternoon sun was calling my name so I put aside that list and headed outdoors.  The fresh air gently blowing on my face allowed me to clear my mind and prioritize my thoughts.  How quickly my list faded away as I took in the sights and sounds of my walk. It is amazing how a bit of fresh air can make a world of a difference. Sometimes you just gotta do it!

Favorite Time of Year

After a fourteen hour car ride, we arrived to our destination! Our annual summer retreat in Maine.  As we drove down the dirt road, I could see glimpses of the sun setting as it glowed through the trees and glistened on the river.  It was high tide and the water looked so inviting.  What a beautiful site of the late evening sun radiating on the river and on our summer abode, or “camp” as the New Englanders call it.  Our golden retriever, Gracie, was just as excited as she paced back and forth in the back seat whimpering her sighs of anticipation. The long car ride did me in.  I am not the best copilot so I was anxious to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and begin our two weeks of bliss and relaxation.  Two weeks of lazy afternoons, kayak rides down the river, day trips exploring the coast, lobster dinners, and friendship gatherings.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.


Sunday Blues

I’ve got the Sunday blues.

It is cloudy and rainy.

My husband was home for the weekend but had to leave town for work.

My mom came to visit and left today too.

I miss my dog.

Just feeling the blues.


A Friendship Tradition

I recently heard from a dear friend of mine and it reminded me of a special tradition we share together.  Instead of exchanging gifts at the holidays, we exchange a friendship journal.  This journal is a collection of the year’s highs and lows from our lives.  One of us keeps the journal for a year and then gifts it to the other the following holiday.  We have been alternating the journal back and forth now for over a decade. Actually, we are on the second one! She and her family live in Utah so it is a great way for us to keep in touch. I also enjoy reading the entries and reflecting over the years.

Every summer, we still venture back to our hometown to visit with our parents (her mom and my mom are good friends too!)and meet up in person but sometimes our travel plans don’t coincide which is a bummer. This past Christmas was special though because we happen to be home for the holidays and exchanged the journals in person. The journals are now in her hands so I will have to wait but it will be well worth the wait!